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A dedicated Team

In order to support our expanding client-base within intergovernmental organizations (IGO) and non-governmental organizations (NGO), Henner’s dedicated team is focusing its strength on delivering a high quality service with stringent performance standards. All of our clients may benefit from our multilingual capabilities, a round the clock service (24/7/365), our worldwide presence and of course an efficient cost containment policy.

Our committed team works closely with all of our international organization clients in order to understand and identify their very specific needs, priorities and expectations. However, our commitment does not end there. We understand that each organization is unique. Therefore our staff is composed by a multicultural and multilingual team: Henner offers an account manager, account coordinator and a client services team to each single client.

Our staff is experienced and well trained on your needs and expectations.

We are proud to present our key personnel involved in the administration of international organizations’ insurance Services.

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International Claims Management Division


Health Department Director

Private: Assiba BOUHERAOUA

Director, International Administration

Anne-Gaëlle CLAUDE

International Medical Network

Healthcare Department

Henner understands the challenges staff and their families from International Organizations face. For Henner it is essential to ensure a smooth cooperation between clients, beneficiaries and healthcare providers. To this end, Henner’s Healthcare Department has in place a Medical Advisory Board, a Medical Network Team, a Prevention Team and a Fraud & Abuse Team.

The Medical Advisory Board is based in Paris, Singapore and Tunis and is made up of highly-qualified physicians chosen for their international experience.  They use their network of specialized consultants, whenever necessary, to examine claims.  These physicians provide you with a range of guarantees:
They ensure that prescribed medical treatment includes no unnecessary, dangerous or inappropriate components.
They ensure that the diagnosis is consistent with the prescribed medical treatment.
They ensure that a durable treatment plan is prescribed and if necessary request a modification.
For the most serious cases, they may suggest hospitalization in world-renowned hospitals.
They are available for guidance and explanation on medical advices, or denied claims.
They ensure that the medical costs involved are reasonable with those in the country where the medical treatment is given.

Henner’s dedicated team of Medical Network Coordinators based in Nairobi, Paris, Singapore and Tunis ensure a smooth cooperation with healthcare providers worldwide through direct billing arrangements negotiated at preferred rates. To reinforce this team, Henner has also put in place Local Correspondents in Angola, Congo, Gabon, South Africa and Yemen.  To maintain a well-balanced relationship with in-network and potential healthcare providers, both the Network Coordinators and Local Correspondents maintain regular contact through all means of contact including on-site visits.

The Prevention Team works to identify specific medical risks, can organize conferences, medical check-ups within Henner’s providers network, screening sessions and wellness/disease management.

The Fraud & Abuse Team investigates when incoherence has been detected in the claims. Their work helps protect your medical plan.

Our International Client Services Division

Henner has currently 16 client services teams (CST) dedicated to the administration of International Medical and Death & Disability Plans. These teams are located in:

  • Henner headquarters in France, Paris : 8 client services teams
  • Regional Sites : 6 client services teams based in Singapore, Curitiba, Tunis, Nairobi, Boca Raton and Lisbon.

Each team is divided into groups of client services officers with a team leader who is specialized in the administration of the medical coverage plan of specific clients. Please note that all our claims officers are employed on a full time basis with permanent contracts; we do not employ temporary staff for a function that requires not only experience and training, but also needs to be managed with high confidentiality. Our teams are multicultural, multilingual and of course available 24/7/365.