Our social & environmental commitments

People have always been at the heart of our business. Every day, we innovate, commit ourselves to excellence, and fulfill demanding tasks in an effort to support sustainable development.

Henner sponsors AHRMIO – the Association for Human Resources Management in International Organizations. AHRMIO counts the UN, the IMF or the CERN as members and its outstanding global forum provides the perfect platform to exchange information on research and practices at the cutting edge of HR management together with academia, international organizations and the private sector.

Henner has adopted the Global Compact policy initiative and we commit to align our operations and strategies with 10 principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

Henner is a member of EHFCN – the only organization dedicated to combatting fraud, corruption and the wasteful use of the healthcare sector in order to improve healthcare for the benefit of every patient.

The Henner Social Fund is a financial aid – a complementary payment to the Social Security reimbursements in various areas: facilities related to a disability, costly dental treatment, hearing aids, etc.

Henner is ISO 9001 certified and we continuously strive to provide our clients with a rigorous insurance product that matches their needs and complies with the strictest legal and ethical standards.

Partnership with Un Avenir Ensemble

Promoting equality and social progress has always been close to our heart. We are a long-standing partner of the French foundation Un Avenir Ensemble, which mentors young talents from modest backgrounds, the Henner Social Fund provides financial aid to individuals faced with exceptional medical expenses and the Henner Cultural Circle promotes publications on economic, political and social issues.