Your expert in international social protection, with decades of experience in providing specialized advisory and administration services to international organizations and NGOs.

Henner & the IO division

Henner’s International Organization (IO) division: your expert in international social protection, with a long experience in providing specialized multinational advisory and administration services in employees benefits and healthcare insurance to international organizations (Intergovernmental Organizations & NGOs).

The Henner Group at a glance (2013)

As an independent broker and third-party administrator, Henner has a long experience in the design, implementation and administration of insurance solutions and ancillary services for customers ranging from individuals to multinational corporations and International Organizations.

€143 million in revenues

About 8,000 companies & groups worldwide

Sales in more than 30 countries and jurisdictions

12 international service centers

About 1.5 million beneficiaries worldwide

1,350 employees in twenty-six countries

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Henner serves as a reference in employee benefit solutions including :

  • life & disability
  • healthcare insurance and administration,
  • saving plans
  • international mobility
  • funeral plans
  • medical services and
  • consulting

The Group has been serving 8.000 corporate clients for more than 60 years, many of whom are listed on the SBF120 and CAC40 index, with the commitment to deliver bespoke solutions and best-in-class services to 1.5 million insured people and their beneficiaries across more than 175 countries. Henner serves its clients on a 24/7 basis through 12 international service centers covering all time zones and 18 regional representations: France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Kenya, Ethiopia, the UAE, Yemen, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, the USA, Brazil … to guaranty local service and compliant solutions in a global and consistent approach.

In 2013, the privately owned group generated consolidated revenues of € 143 million thanks to its 1,350 employees based in 26 countries.


A dedicated team of 150 people work in the Henner International Organization division which has been offering a wide variety of services to our IGO and NGO clients for the last 25 years :

  • insurance brokerage
  • claims processing as Third Party Administrator (TPA)
  • sophisticated medical services (case and disease management)
  • advisory expertise.

The complexity of business and the number of countries where beneficiaries benefit from Henner’s services are increasing along with the activity linked to that customer segment, representing 15 million euros in 2013. In response to their specific needs and priorities we tailor an individualized service package for each of our clients, without ever loosing focus of our objective: providing the best service possible at the very best price. In line with this commitment, we are also continuously developing our own organization (expanding our medical network and/or client services teams, hiring local correspondents in key operation areas etc.) in order to accommodate the evolving needs of our client base.

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  1. Client-oriented organization backed by expert teams (Sales, Client support, Medical, etc.) specifically dedicated to our international organization and NGO clients.
  2. Complete independence in relation to the insurance and healthcare market that allows us to tailor our offer according to the individual needs of every client, while also effectively controlling the cost of your benefits solution.
  3. Multilingual and multicultural client service teams in every region, providing personalized, expert service in 40 languages and 24/7/365 to the beneficiaries of our International Organization and NGO clients.
  4. Worldwide Medical Network with direct billing facilities for both in- and outpatient care, guaranteed quality standards, and negotiated fees, including healthcare providers located in key areas of operation of International Organizations, as well as providers specialized in HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.
  5. Effective cost containment strategies
    We aim at ensuring you get the best value for the investment in your benefits plan. We understand better than anyone that the rising cost of healthcare is a problem commonly faced by International Organizations today. Henner has therefore implemented a large number of strategies and policies that allow us to contain your costs.
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All our services, including claims processing and client support, are provided based on a “dedicated team” approach that guarantees a smooth service experience both for the client organization and its beneficiaries. For every contract, we put together a team consisting of specialized Henner staff from, in particular, our Client Services, Medical and Sales departments. Each plan is also assigned to a client services unit that is specialized in the relevant type of coverage and receives extensive training on the contract in question. This means that not only will you always have an experienced account manager in charge of your contract, but your beneficiaries will also always be serviced by real people perfectly familiar with the specificities of their plan.

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Our social & environmental commitments

People have always been at the heart of our business. Every day, we innovate, commit ourselves to excellence, and fulfil demanding tasks in an effort to support sustainable development.

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