Peace of mind, Worldwide

As of January 2015, the overall Henner medical network offers 49,000 healthcare providers in 166 countries and over 1,000,000 providers in the US, facilitating access to hospitals, medical centers, diagnostic centers, physicians and pharmacies.

Our medical network is an added value service for our clients and their beneficiaries through the direct billing arrangements and negotiated tariffs protecting the long term viability of our clients’ benefits plans. We encourage our international beneficiaries to choose providers within our medical network in order to benefit from preferential rates and minimal upfront payment.

For beneficiaries to access the full range of our services, the provider has to be part of the Henner Medical Network. A dedicated team of Network Coordinators are in charge of maintaining the existing medical network and evaluating new providers all over the world for inclusion in the medical network. Our Local Correspondents in Angola, Congo, Gabon, South Africa and Yemen are on site, in order to assure a smooth cooperation between Henner and the healthcare providers, identify potential providers and conclude direct billing arrangements.