Expertise & added values

Our expertise & added value

When you choose Henner, you know that your beneficiaries are well taken care of - regardless of where they are in the world.

We currently administer claims for staff members over 175 countries on behalf of individual clients, multinational companies, Intergovernmental Organizations and NGOs.

We are experienced in providing insurance brokerage and administration services to both insured and self-insured organizations. The size of an organization does not matter to us.
We happily provide assistance to small entities, International Organizations working locally or worldwide, embassies or to special & permanent missions.

We know how to implement and manage a smooth transition process when taking over plans previously administered by other claims administrators. We also have experience in designing and implementing new plans adapted to the unique needs of our clients.

Our medical network is structured to meet the geographical requirements of our clients. We continuously expand this network to support their changing needs and priorities.

We have acquired an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the day-to-day challenges faced by International Organizations, and their staff worldwide. We are fully committed to providing your staff with a high level quality of service with the ultimate goal of making their lives easier. Indeed, your people’s well-being lies at the core of our activities.

Day after day, we provide high level services to beneficiaries worldwide. Our added value as a broker and claims administrator is demonstrated in our approach and business model:


As an independent broker, our main objective is to help you get the best solution at the best rates. We are not linked to any particular health insurance company, which means that we are free to negotiate on your behalf with key players in the insurance market and with medical providers.


We always provide our clients with detailed information and statistics on the administration of their plan; this is the only way for them to know what they’re paying for. Our clients can easily follow-up on the evolution of their Plan.

Local offices

We are present in Nairobi, Tunis, Singapore, Lisbon and Berlin , enabling us to stay as close as possible to our client’s needs and their unique requirements. Our international network is a valuable asset, and administrative officers are familiar with the cultural diversity of the beneficiaries we serve. More than 35 languages are spoken in our administration units – English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Arabic, Swahili, Japanese, Thai, Cantonese, Tagalog, etc.

International network with direct billing facilities and negotiated fees

Our worldwide medical network is made up of selected healthcare providers (hospitals, medical centers, check-up centres, pharmacies, HIV/AIDS specialists, etc) in more than 166 countries. In our continuing effort to meet our clients’ needs and requirements, we consistently and regularly check the quality of the services of our providers and expand our worldwide medical network.

Cost-containment policy

Cost-containment policy: the rising cost of health care is a common challenge faced by all organizations worldwide. We therefore strive to develop and implement in-depth and fair cost-containment policies to help our clients control costs and expenses related to their plans.


Flexibility: as a client-oriented organization, our services are fully tailored to our clients’ needs and priorities. Communication is a key point!

Our people

We are keen to listen to any comments or feedback you may have about our services, so please contact us:

We are appreciated for a service that is fast, efficient and personal. But no matter how good our products and services are, we strive to make them better every day.

We are happy to get your comments or feedback which you may have about our services, please contact us :