• 5th generation of tools designed for medical plan administration since 1969
  • Financial capacity: 20% of our income representing 100 men/year of development
  • Flexible configuration that can be adapted to the clients specific needs
  • Seamless administration for local nationals and international assignees
  • A world class IT system – competitive advantage
  • Coordination of benefits with local healthcare systems or 1st Dollar/Euro plans
  • Fund transfers via SWIFT or Henner’s banking network in all convertible currencies
  • Deductible, limit per treatment, maximum limits
  • % co-insurance, eligible expenses, sub limits…
  • Custom benefits: e.g. basic cover offered to all plus specific plan designs for certain employee categories etc.
  • Explanations of Benefits via e-mail and accessible online
  • Henner’s proprietary claims administration IT System “HENNERNET” represents 45 years of experience and 150 man-years of implementation. HENNERNET provides a significant number of advanced functions. We are also able to meet client requirements in terms of flexibility and high volume combined with high degree of automation (which is crucial to meet our standards of quality). All our teams in our regional offices have a real-time access to HENNERNET.
  • The IT System can manage several bank accounts, addresses, languages and currencies and adds commentaries to the treatment lines. It double checks reimbursements and has up to three validation criteria levels to ensure the correct amount of benefits is paid. This avoids possible fraud and errors when settling claims.
  • In addition to our claims processing platform, HENNER has developed two powerful pieces of software.

To ensure smooth, quick and efficient processing of members’ requests, our Client Services and medical teams share the same interface: MedCase. The software was developed in-house and is used by our Medical Advisory Board to manage medical files (prior agreement, monitoring of medical costs, follow up of member’s medical situation, case and patient management, etc). While our medical team can access all medical, naturally the Client Services Team has no access to this confidential information.

  • MedPro is a powerful data base that hosts and assesses all relevant information on medical providers: contact details, specialties, price lists, volumes handled, etc. MedPro is linked to our Client Services (HENNERNET) and medical (MedCase) platforms. We can therefore monitor the volume of claims for each provider.



Dedicated website containing the membership guide & table of benefits, claims submission procedures & forms, step-by-step processes in case of emergency, Henner’s international Medical Network, explanation of benefits and claims history, e-claiming service, medical & prevention news, useful tools, FAQs, tools to contact Client Service Team free of charge (Toll free numbers, Instant ring, Web Call Back).


In addition to services for members, staff representatives can check or modify the enrolment/cancellation information, consult the documentation dedicated to them.


The Healthcare providers from our medical network can verify the eligibility of the patient