A common challenge faced by organizations worldwide is the increasing use of medical care. We work closely with our clients to offer and implement a fair and efficient cost-containment policy. The protection of our clients’ financial interests is one of our top priorities.

To this end, we have devised an anti-fraud policy, aimed at preventing, detecting, investigating, reporting and recovering fraud. The policy also supports our commitments as a member of the European Healthcare Fraud & Corruption Network and the 10th principle of the UN Global Compact on the fight against corruption.

We usually notice a significant decrease of medical expenses per staff member when we take over a contract. Indeed cost-efficiency is the key to making our clients’ benefit schemes viable in the long-run. Our dedication to this field is reflected in the continuous development and expansion of our International Medical Network which allows direct payment guarantees and preferential pricing in countries where our clients are located. Our internal Medical Advisory Board also helps us to prevent the abuse or extraneous costs that plans oftentimes encounter.

A real life example:

A plan member from Sierra Leone had to be evacuated to South Africa for a kidney transplant and our team followed up the patient’s care.

As the transplant was not possible, we coordinated with the attending physicians in order to organize an alternative treatment in his home country.

For this alternative treatment, a specific medication was needed that was not available in Sierra Leone.

The South African physicians suggested ordering it monthly, for a total cost of $15,000 a month.

We found a better solution: By contacting the manufacturer in Germany, we were able to order the medication for only $4000 a month. 

Benefit for the insurer: $132,000 a year