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Your health is our number one priority. Therefore we are not only fully dedicated to ensuring you the best possible care when you are ill, but also to helping you stay healthy and to improve your health.

In order to achieve this, our Health Department is constantly working on new ways of guiding our beneficiaries towards a healthier life, and informing them about specific health topics of interest to them. In line with this commitment, you will, for example, have access to health tips, regular newsletters, and other useful prevention information on your dedicated website.

Our Health Department also works with your employer to identify specific risks, and can organize conferences, medical check-ups, test sessions and wellness/disease management.

Possible areas of intervention:

  • disorders of vigilance and addictions at work,
  • musculoskeletal disorders (MSD),
  • psychosocial troubles and stress at work,
  • return to work support,
  • management and prevention of absenteeism and presenteeism,
  • risks of smoking prevention,
  • nutritional education,
  • sleep disorders and mental disorders,
  • domestic accidents,
  • prevention of skin cancer,
  • oral dental prevention … and other topics!

Health-& Wellbeing Tools

In order to diversify our means of contact with our beneficiaries, most of the above-mentioned communication is available on the website and in membership guides;
it is also distributed by email during field visits by the Henner and by the HR representatives Henner is not relying solely on electronic information. We deeply value direct contact with our beneficiaries and try as much as possible to disseminate them hard copies of our educative communication.