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Since every benefits plan is unique, we provide a dedicated webpage for each of our clients. This ensures that you always have access to complete, up-to-date information on your specific coverage, without having to scroll through large amounts of generic information that does not concern you directly.

On your dedicated website you will find a detailed presentation of your insurance plan and your benefits, as well as clear step-by-step instructions on what to do in the event of an emergency and how to claim reimbursement of your medical expenses. You may also consult the claims history and explanations of benefits for yourself and your dependants, and consult our medical network database to find a healthcare provider near you.

Persons located in remote areas or areas with slow internet connections may access a specifically designed “light” version of the site, which is functional even on very slow connections.


Depending on your benefits plan, you may also be able to submit your claims directly through your personal account on your dedicated website, by using our highly secure e-claiming tool. Using this service eliminates any postal delays and/or expenses, as your claim will be received by your dedicated client services team instantaneously, where ever you are sending it from. Moreover, you can easily keep track of your claims online.


On your dedicated website, you also have access to a complete list of all service providers in our medical network and the possibility to search for healthcare providers by specialization, location, or name. This means you never have to worry about where to find care, and instead focus 100% on getting better as quickly as possible!

Mobile Tools


> Find your organisation number

To contact your Client Services Team, Henner offers free of charge call services like Toll Free numbers available in 80 countries or an instant Ring and a Free Call Back.

This allows members to dial a specific number; hang up after the second ring and get automatically called back by one of our client services officers during office hours.

SMS alert
You can opt for a service to receive a real time confirmation by SMS when a Letter of Guarantee (Guarantee of Payment) for your scheduled or emergency hospitalization is issued and sent to the hospital, informing it about your financial coverage.

Simply enter your phone number on the Henner dedicated website. One of your dedicated client services officers will call you back on the number in question immediately or any time at your convenience.