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Easy access to care, all over the world

With over 30 years of international presence, Henner has been providing its insured members with a range of services and advantages via its medical network. With 50,000 healthcare partners in 166 countries and over one million providers in the USA, the Henner network facilitates access to healthcare while helping to keep medical expenses down.

The hospitals, clinics, medical practices, laboratories, x-ray centres and pharmacies that form our network have all undergone a rigorous selection process focusing on quality of service and fair pricing.

Our providers offer members direct settlement, whereby Henner pays the provider for your medical expenses directly. Whenever you consult a doctor or any other healthcare provider, remember to show them your membership card to take advantage of our direct settlement service.

If you wish to consult a healthcare provider outside our network, call us first. In most cases we will be able to set up direct settlement with that provider. If not, you may need to pay upfront for your medical expenses.

In the United States, Henner offers members access to several networks with more than one million providers (hospitals, medical centres, diagnostic centres, doctors and pharmacies) with whom we have direct settlement agreements and preferential rates. With access to these networks, you can obtain the guarantee of payment you need without the stress and uncertainty of paying upfront for your medical expenses.

Access to Healthcare

Henner offers their beneficiaries the largest choice of medical services throughout the world. The objective of the Henner medical network is to facilitate access to care at preferential rates through Henner’s direct settlement arrangements.

Any healthcare provider may request to join our network, regardless of its type, specialization, or geographic location. A dedicated team of Network Coordinators are in charge of reviewing and maintaining the existing medical network and evaluating new providers all over the world for inclusion in the medical network. If we find that the medical provider’s services meet our selection criteria they will be invited to sign a direct settlement arrangement. In addition, our Local Correspondents in Angola, Congo, Gabon, South Africa and Yemen are on site, in order to assure a smooth cooperation between Henner and the healthcare providers.

We encourage our beneficiaries to choose providers from within our medical network in order to benefit from preferential rates and minimal upfront payment. Owing to these services, in some countries more than 90% of medical treatments are provided within the medical network. Nonetheless, you have free choice over which healthcare provider you use, however if you do use a provider that is not part of our medical network, you may have to pay up-front.

Direct Billing Arrangements

Our direct billing arrangements allow you to minimize the amount that you have to pay when consulting a healthcare provider in our medical network. When you show the provider your Henner Insurance card, they bill Henner directly for the portion of the expenses covered by your benefits plan (according to reasonable and customary charges).

Depending on the rules of your specific plan, and our agreement with your employer, we can put in place a mechanism by which 100% of the costs are paid by Henner and your co-insurance is later deducted from your salary.