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Claim form: A document that is used for submitting your claims for reimbursement of medical expenses under the terms of your healthcare plan. The claim form is available for download on your dedicated website or directly from Henner upon request.

Client Services Officer: A member of Henner’s administrative staff responsible for processing your claims, as well as answering any questions you may have regarding your coverage and/or reimbursements. All your Henner client services officers have received special training and are familiar with all the specificities of your plan.

Confidentiality (medical):Henner fully respects your medical confidentiality. Only the physicians on our Medical Advisory Board are allowed access to your medical information and your medical records are not disclosed to any third party, including your employer.

Covered benefits: Healthcare items or services eligible for reimbursement under your medical insurance plan. Please refer to your table of benefits for a full list of items/services covered by your plan.

Dedicated website: A tailor-made website containing all necessary information regarding your coverage and your reimbursements, as well as instructions for how to proceed in an emergency and submitting claims for reimbursement. You can also submit reimbursement claims and contact your Client Services Team through your dedicated website.

Dependent coverage: Insurance coverage for your family members (recognized spouse, children, etc.) offered by your benefits plan. Please note that while most healthcare plans offer some kind of coverage also for dependents, conditions may vary. To find out whether your family members are eligible for cover under your plan, please consult your Membership Guide.

Direct payment (also know as direct settlement or direct billing): On certain conditions, Henner may be able to settle your medical expenses directly to the health provider (which avoids the need for you to pay upfront). This service is offered, in particular, by the healthcare providers in our international medical network, as well as for emergency hospitalizations.

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E-claiming: A service (available through your dedicated website) that allows you to submit your claims for reimbursement of your medical expenses directly online. This reduces the time required for processing your claim, as you do not have to send us any documents by post. However, please note that the conditions for e-claiming may vary between plans, so please consult your Membership Guide and/or dedicated website for more information.

Excluded services (exclusions):Healthcare services not covered by your benefits plan. As every Organization determines the scope of coverage of its own benefits plan, we recommend that you consult your Membership Guide to verify whether a specific service is covered under your plan.

Explanation of benefits (EOB): A statement sent to you by Henner after each reimbursement, explaining what medical treatment and/or services were paid for/reimbursed. The EOB always describes the service performed, the doctor’s fee and the amount you are responsible for.

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Generic medicine or drug:A legal pharmaceutical product (not to be confused with illegal counterfeit medicines) that by its formulation, dosage and effects is comparable to an approved brand medicine. Generic medicines are as safe and effective as brand medicines and can be used to treat the same conditions, but generally at a significantly lower price. For this reason, we generally encourage you to choose generic medicines as often as possible: it reduces your out-of pocket expenses while also contributing to ensuring the financial stability of your benefits plan.

Henner:As the third-party manager and administrator of your benefits plan, our role is to process your claims and to ensure accurate reimbursement in accordance with the rules of your plan. Henner also provides information and advisory services to your Organization.

Henner International Medical Network: Extensive network of hospitals and healthcare professionals (clinics, physicians, imaging centers, laboratories, pharmacies, etc.) all over the world with whom Henner has concluded formal agreements to facilitate your access to high-quality care. These providers also offer the direct settlement of care (inpatient & outpatient care, pharmacy products), as well as negotiated prices.

HIV/AIDS – Network of specialists: Our worldwide network of healthcare providers specialized in HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. Please check your dedicated website for more information.

Henner Medical Insurance card: Card proving that you are financially covered by a medical insurance plan. Henner will send you and all of your eligible dependents a Henner Medical Insurance Card upon confirmation of your eligibility under your plan. Always present your Henner Medical Insurance Card to your medical provider to prove your coverage and benefit from direct settlement (providers in our International Medical Network).

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In-Network Provider: A healthcare provider (hospital, clinic, physician, imaging center, laboratory, pharmacy, doctor, etc.), which is a member of the Henner International Medical Network. We strongly encourage you to choose In-Network Providers always when possible in order to benefit from guaranteed quality care, negotiated tariffs, and/or direct settlement services. If your usual healthcare provider is not already part of our Network, please do not hesitate to send us their name and contact details. If it fulfills our selection, we will consider it in our Network.

Inpatient treatment:Treatment received by patients whose condition has required admission to a hospital. Please note that depending on your plan, planned hospitalizations may be subject to prior approval from our Medical Advisory Board. You do not require prior approval for emergency hospitalizations. We nevertheless strongly recommend that you, your family, or the hospital contacts us as soon as possible in the event of an emergency hospitalization, so that we may issue a Letter of Guarantee and arrange for direct settlement of the hospitalization fees.

Instant ring:Service allowing you to contact your Client Services Team free of charge: dial the specific number indicated on your dedicated website, and hang up after the second ring. Your phone will then ring immediately, putting you in relation with one of our Client Services Officer when you answer. Please consult your dedicated website for more information.

Insurer:International Organizations can either be self-insured or insured by an external insurance company. If your organization is insured by a third-party insurer, it is this company that financially guarantees the payment of your medical expenses. In practice, the insurer works in close collaboration with Henner, and reimburses Henner for all payments made to you.

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Letter of Guarantee (LOG): Document sent by Henner to your hospital in the event of an emergency hospitalization to inform the hospital that you are financially covered by a medical insurance plan. Upon reception of the LOG, the hospital is able to invoice the cost of your treatment directly from Henner, in accordance with the rules of your benefits plan. We usually issue a Letter of Guarantee within two hours after being contacted.

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Medical Advisory Board (Henner): Team of medical professionals from all major fields of medicine (physicians, dentists, etc.) that assists our beneficiaries by, for example, reviewing requests for prior approval and providing guidance with respect to medical treatment.

Membership Guide:Booklet that presents your medical insurance plan in detail. Henner distributes the Membership Guide to all insured persons upon confirmation of their coverage. Please note that your Membership Guide is also available for download from your dedicated website.

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Office hours (Henner): Time during which your dedicated Client Services Officers are available for answering your questions and processing your claims, i.e. from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday – Friday. If you need assistance outside of these office hours, your calls will be redirected to our other offices or platforms in order to ensure a 24/7 service worldwide.

Out-of-pocket expense:Medical expenses that are not reimbursed by your medical coverage. For precise information on covered treatments and reimbursement ceilings, please consult your Membership Guide and/or your dedicated website.

Outpatient care (or ambulatory care): Medical care or treatment that does not require a formal hospitalization or an overnight stay at a medical facility. Outpatient care may be administered in a clinic, hospital, or other medical facility.

Prior agreement (or authorization): Depending on the rules of your benefits plan, certain types of treatment may be eligible for reimbursement only to the extent that they had received prior approval by Henner’s Medical Advisory Board. Please refer to your Membership Guide and/or your dedicated website for detailed information on which treatments are subject to prior approval under your plan.

Prior Agreement Form: A document used for requesting prior approval for treatments that according to the rules of your benefits plan may be reimbursed only subject to such approval. The prior agreement form is available for download on your dedicated website or directly from Henner upon request.

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Table of benefits: A comprehensive list of all types of medical care, items or services that are covered by your plan, including the applicable levels of reimbursement and limitations (if any). Since each organization determines the scope of coverage of their own benefits plan, benefits covered may vary considerably between plans. You will find your table of benefits in your Membership Guide and on your dedicated website.

Third party administrator (TPA): As your third-party administrator Henner processes your claims in compliance with the rules and policies defined by your Organization. Our Client Services Officers are also available to answer any questions you may have regarding your coverage and/or to facilitate your access to healthcare.

Traditional medicine:Health practices, approaches, knowledge and beliefs incorporating plant, animal and mineral-based medicines, spiritual therapies, manual techniques and exercises, applied singularly or in combination to treat, diagnose and prevent illnesses.

Turn-around time: The time it takes for Henner to process your claims. The turn-around time for processing your medical claims is, on average, 3 business days after it has been received by your client services team, excluding postal delays. Please note that it may take a little bit longer for the reimbursement to appear on your bank account, depending on the time your bank needs to process the payment. Submitting a properly completed and signed reimbursement form, together with the necessary supporting documents will ensure timely settlement of your claims.

Web call-back:Service allowing you to contact your client services team free of charge via your dedicated website. Enter your telephone number on the Henner website to have one of our client services officers call you back at the time you have indicated.