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Henner has wealth of experience in managing benefits plans for international organizations and NGOs, and we are very proud to offer all of our beneficiaries easy access to all our areas of expertise. We serve more than 1.5 million beneficiaries within 156 countries, providing employee benefits and healthcare cover worldwide, offering:

  • Multilingual and multicultural claims management,

  • Personalized wellness and prevention services,

  • Consulting expertise of our in-house medical experts.

Multilingual & multicultural claims management

  • 1.5 million beneficiaries worldwide
  • Local presence in every region – about 200 claims service officers dedicated to international claims and located in our offices in Tunisia, Kenya, Malaysia, Singapore, the United States, Portugal and France
  • More than 35 spoken languages (French, English, Spanish and Arabic spoken in all our offices)
  • Services available 365/7/24

In order to guarantee you the best service possible, we appoint a dedicated client services team for every plan that we administer, consisting of specially trained client service officers who are available 24/7/365 to assist you and process your claims.

Therefore, if you have any question regarding your coverage, a Client Service officer familiar with all the details of your contract will always be there to help you. Moreover, you can be sure that your claims are always processed by officers specifically trained for your plan. In addition to providing a better service experience, this allows us to both minimize the risk of error, and significantly shorten processing times

Your dedicated client service team guarantees that your claims are processed quickly:

  • Dedicated telephone number without additional cost (Toll free numbers, Instant ring, Web call back services).
  • Emergency hospitalizations 24h a day
  • Response to e-mails within 24h, to regular post within 48h
  • Medical quotes’ analysis and advise
  • Reimbursements within 24h (48h for hard-copy claims)

Personalized wellness and prevention services

As your plan administrator, we do not only reimburse your medical expenses; we are also committed to helping you stay healthy and even improve your health. We offer a large spectrum of preventive health services, including regular health recommendations from our expert Medical Advisory Board on subjects such as nutrition, dealing with stress, and preventing different diseases. Please contact your dedicated client services team or your HR department for more information.

Medical & Concierge services

Our Advisory Board, Health department and extensive medical network assist our administrators and offer a wide range of complementary services such as emergency care, hyperbaric medicine, cardiology, infectious disease (HIV, Malaria, etc), organ transplant, psychiatry etc.

Our Medical Advisory Board:

  • controls the costs of serious and/or chronic illnesses as well as the costs of the whole health insurance plan.
  • optimizes the quality of care and treatments.
  • coordinates the management of the period of care and/or recurring cares: Case management & patient management
  • provides optimized and coordinated solutions for access to healthcare.
  • highlights the health of the officers and employees as the company’s capital