People have always been…

…at the heart of our business

We care about people…

…all over the globe


Your international specialist in social protection, recognized for its independence and the quality of its advisory and administration services.

Key success factors

Our key success factors are based on our experience in group medical insurance coverage, claims processing and provider networks. We are a client-oriented organization, backed by dedicated and multicultural teams. Our ability for customization allows us to fulfill clients’ specific needs.

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Dedicated Team

We appoint a dedicated team for every plan we administer in order to guarantee high quality and personalized services. Members thus benefit from multilingual helplines, 24/7/365 availability, a worldwide presence, high performance standards and efficient cost control.

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Social commitments

Henner continues to demonstrate that people are at the heart of the business both as member of the EHFCN  – the only organization dedicated to combatting fraud, corruption and the wasteful use of the healthcare sector – and by adopting the Global Compact policy initiative.

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For employers

Based on our wealth of experience in the design, implementation and administration of employee benefits plans for international organizations and NGOs, we can create a genuine tailor-made benefits solution for your organization, which is sustainable and protects your staff in all situations. From finding you the best risk carrier for your needs to ensuring a smooth and efficient administration of your benefits plan, you can always count on Henner to provide you the best service possible.

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For beneficiaries

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best service to our clients and partners, we offer a network of over 49,000 medical providers in one hundred and sixty-six countries (outside of the United States) and it is constantly growing. In the United States, our solutions include access to some of the largest national networks such as Aetna and United Health Care for in-patient and out-patient care, Dentemax for dental care or Caremark/CVS for pharmacy.

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Henner Values

“We develop a personalized service for each of our clients as we know that every organization is unique’’.